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Oh hi!

2014-02-23 01:54:33 by Oro

Did sounds and music for this:

Eat!Thomas IannoneVimeo

from on .


'Summer Heat' Remix

2010-03-12 08:04:03 by Oro

'ello again!

I've been working on a remix of 'Summer Heat' by Brick, an old funk song from the 80's. I put it on hold for a little while, but if you'd like to hear what I've got so far, you can check it out right below:

oro. winter heat (WIP)

Also, if you like noise, you may like this little jumble of sounds I put together of random voice clips on msn messenger with a little bit of a reggae twist:

oro. reg skimp 6


Deployment + Six Cycle Psyche

2009-10-18 00:05:07 by Oro

Hey all,

I just wanted to say that my latest track Six Cycle Psyche will probably be my last for a while. I am currently deployed in Southeast Asia and don't have much to work with besides my laptop. I appreciate all the reviews and support I've gotten since I've been here at NG, and hope to get back in the groove of things once I come home later next year. I plan on creating a full album someday, which I'll have up for free on my site whenever that happens.

I'm currently serving a 5 year enlistment with the Marine Corps, 2 1/2 of which are already done, so I'm halfway there. Hopefully I'll be able to participate more on the site once I get out, and eventually start uploading full tracks again.

Anyway, thanks a lot for all of the constructive criticism and encouragement you guys have given me. It definitely helps.

Take care,

_oro / T.J.


2009-06-07 23:24:30 by Oro


Check out it, WIP. Currently working off just laptop and some iPod headphones, all my stuff is still in transit since I just recently moved, but I'll be dropping something soon! Let me know what you think



2007-07-17 18:14:02 by Oro